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h2. Name Reference

Name Reference

h2. Setting

In general, the setting is a classic high fantasy world, where the dichotomy of good and evil is well pronounced: orcs and their kin represent the evil; the pc races represent the good.  There will be exceptions, of course, (more likely to find evil pc races than good orc kin), but the general rule holds.

The other common element is that kingdoms, cities, and villages are somewhat spread out with large gaps in between.  There isn't any logical explanation for this, at the moment.  People settled far from each other and travel is seen as generally safe, as long as you take reasonable precautions.

h3. Kingdoms

The western kingdom is ruled by King Abrahullon. In the east, King Tamanvore rules. In the north east, Lady Trupaar resides over the kingdom with a large elven population. The north west is the land of the orcs, its ruler changes often and is not always known to other kingdoms. In the south, The Twin Cities of Grommin and Dross technically belong to the western and eastern kingdom, however, most recognize that they are a power on their own. They are unofficially ruled by the leaders of the Shining Bridge Trading Company: Thaledis and Tenly.

In the center of known world lies the fallen Kingdom of Dencoren. This is a wild, untamed area of old villages. Only adventurous souls venture into this area. Unfortunately, this also serves as a highway for the orcs to travel deeper into the other kingdoms.

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